Meet My Team

Donna Sharpe

Donna is currently an existing business Owner and manager for the over 30 years. Her focus is as a Therapeutic Holistic Massage Specialist. Her business for the past twelve years has been surrounding the Tampa Bay Florida Area.

She is a gifted soul with a blessed heart. What separates her from the rest is her ability to delivers all her services with great intention and purpose. Her energetic healing-hands is a common response shared by a vast amount of her clients, from the newest to most seasoned clients. Donna is currently a Full Specialist which include the following service areas: Therapeutic Massages, Facial Specialist, Nail Technician, Waxing and Body Treatments. Her primary vision is to encourage clients to care for themselves as a whole and not in parts. Her passion is delivering a special gift of healing and restoration for all her clients. During the past nine years, she continues to service many client types from the most acute to most serious injuries.
As a Registered Chiropractic Assistant, Donna had a wonderful opportunity to work for local Chiropractic office for four years. During that time, she gained additional experience by catering her skills towards caring for several automobile victims, utilizing Therapeutic Massages as a vehicle to assist in recovery. This has allowed her to become better equipped to treat many auto accident injury cases. Prior to her experiences, she received at the Chiropractic facility, Donna had the pleasure of receiving her Associates of Science Degree in Sports Medicine from Keiser University. This allowed her to gain higher leverage because it increased her knowledge of the intricate details of anatomy system.

Donna also uses her additional skills learned as a Yoga Instructor to further teach and assist her clients in understanding how to properly improve various areas of the body such as flexibility, strength, and balance. She feels the movements administered by taking yoga will help them to increase various areas of the body. As a former athlete and extensive sports background, Donna values the importance of proper care for the body. She has a proven track record of showing improvements and a healthy turnaround while administering specific treatments to such issues which includes: frozen shoulders, plantar fascia, headaches, low mobility as she administers the appropriate massages release techniques. Her massage styles range from a basic stress reduction relaxation massage such as Swedish, therapeutic, sports, reflexology, aromatherapy treatments, bamboo, Thai or Lomi Lomi massages. In addition, she has presented several educational workshops to various audiences, on various platforms, coaching and training her audiences on the benefits of incorporating a sound health and wellness lifestyle.

She has also been volunteering her services with the Rotary Club of Brandon, Florida for the past 5 years where she shares and donates her massage services to benefit the cancer victims. She has also included teaching yoga and water aerobics classes as well. This is one of the many ways she gives back to the community. As a current aqua Instructor at LA Fitness, she consistently educates her students on the importance of bouncy in the water and how it helps to improve the cardiovascular level and strength in all major muscle groups. Donna is also CPR/AED and First Aid Certified for the past 20 years. Donna not only believes in receiving massages herself but she also believes it is a viable source of gaining mobility in the body and enhancing the overall health and well-being. She also believes massage is also a great benefit in relieving physical, as well as, emotional stress.

Her unique gift of energy has wowed individuals everywhere she goes, due to how well she prepares her mind, body, and spirit to cleanse her workspace before each treatment. She displays a greater connection with one client at a time as she engages all of her attention and touch with each and every client. She had the privileged of becoming 3 levels Qi Gong Instructor certified and food healing specialist through the Qi Revolution Association. These techniques date back many years. These aides in helping her clients with understanding the important process of homeostasis. This too allows my clients in the understanding the proper breathing techniques to aid in improving the blood flow circulation which creates a deeper connection with our energetic surroundings.

As a Holistic and Wellness Life Coach, Donna’s mission is to bridge the gap to assist individuals with establishing a greater vision that includes holistic healing, family, and career towards living a well-balanced life. She will teach individuals how to welcome regular weekly fitness and personal wellness routines into their daily lives. She will also show how consistent holistic spa treatments can help to eliminate the amount of meditation is necessary while to achieve a well-balanced life of health and serenity. This process will take place by working one to one with clients who are ready to make a change in their life.

Clients will be assisted by teaching them how to obtain control of their life by first understanding how to love themselves, breaking generation curses and gaining a deeper understanding of how to take ownership and charge of their life and future well-being. She truly believes there is an inseparable connection between mind/body/spirit.

Donna shares it has been a great journey of her life, connecting with so many individuals both near and far while showing them how to improve their overall health. Her continued journey is to dedicate her attention to all, but most of all those who understand the true benefits of restoring their temple for a greater cause. Her motto is “helping others to improve their overall lives holistically while creating a haven for healing and restoration one client at a time”.

Sumeet Thareja, MD

Aesthetic Specialist & Board Certified Dermatologist located in Melbourne, FL, Tampa, FL & Palm Bay, FL
As the founding director of Indigo Dermatology in Tampa, Melbourne, and Palm Bay, Florida, Sumeet Thareja, MD, provides a complete menu of medical and aesthetic skin care services to residents in the greater central Florida area. He’s passionate about increasing skin cancer awareness and dedicated to educating the community about general skin health.

Dr. Thareja is a dermatologist and skin cancer surgeon who specializes in advanced skin cancer treatments and non-invasive fat reduction. His interest in dermatology stems from a life-long mission to understand the deep connection between skin disease and the psychological burden it creates.
He strives to alleviate this burden by helping his patients look and feel their best. After finishing his
undergraduate studies at the University of Miami, Dr. Thareja obtained his medical degree at the University of South Florida College of Medicine in Tampa.

He stayed at USF to complete his residency training in dermatology and then went on to practice dermatology at the James A. Haley VA Department of Dermatology in Tampa, where he served military veterans in the Tampa Bay area.

When Dr. Thareja returned to USF to complete additional internship training in internal medicine, he learned more about the extraordinary burden that chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure can place on those who have them. That’s why, when he established Indigo Dermatology in January 2016, Dr. Thareja made a conscious decision to work closely with his patients’ primary care providers as well as a cardiologist — he wants to provide superior dermatological care that takes all aspects of patient wellness into account.

In addition to being board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology, Dr. Thareja is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology, the American Society of Mohs Surgery, and the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery.

Hair Loss Q & A

What causes hair loss?

There are many reasons for hair loss. On average, most people shed 50-100 hairs every day. This natural process normally doesn’t cause noticeable thinning because new hair is constantly growing to replace what falls out. Hair loss can occur, however, when the growth-shedding cycle is somehow interrupted, or if hair follicles somehow become damaged and are covered by scar tissue. Genetic predisposition, or family history, is by far the most common cause of hair loss. A list of reasons for hair loss, though not all encompassing, are listed below:

Hair disorders (e.g., alopecia areata, scarring alopecia)
Disease (e.g., underlying medical conditions, illness, some cancer treatments, ringworm of the scalp, trichotillomania)
Hormones and stress (e.g., giving birth, menopause, stress)
Dieting and poor nutrition (e.g., weight loss, excess vitamin A, protein and iron deficiency)
Certain medications
Certain hair care practices
How does platelet-rich plasma therapy work?
Numerous research studies have found PRP to be a safe and effective option for patients who want to stimulate hair growth without having to undergo hair transplant surgery. Specifically, studies have found that PRP increases hair count and thickness. PRP therapy has a long history of use as a healing agent for painful joint problems. In fact, the very same factors that make PRP a successful wound-healing agent are also what make it effective for restoring lost hair. PRP contains up to five times as many platelets as what is found in normal, circulating blood. Once injected into one’s scalp, platelets in PRP are activated and begin a cascade. Activated platelets release important substances including growth factors (Platelet-derived growth factor, Vascular endothelial growth factor, and Transforming growth factor) and cytokines. These growth factors increase fibroblast activation, collagen synthesis, stimulation of the extracellular matrix and overexpression of exogenous growth factors. Ultimately the result of this complex cascade is stimulation of hair follicle activity and the promotion of new hair regrowth.
What is the process for PRP therapy?
PRP therapy is considered an autologous treatment, meaning that the therapeutic catalyst that’s used to promote hair growth —or the PRP — comes from the patient’s own body. This is important because it means that PRP therapy is completely safe and won’t trigger a foreign-body immunologic response.

PRP is a simple 4-step process:
1. In-office blood draw.
2. Separation of plasma from the red blood cells. The drawn blood will be placed in a closed, sterile centrifuge machine that separates the PRP from the other components of your blood.
3. Application of a local anesthetic to treatment areas to ensure patient comfort.
4. Injection of PRP into scalp at predetermined points.
Typically this procedure takes approximately an hour and has virtually no down time. Research has showed that some patients may experience results after one treatment, however for optimal results we recommend a total of 3-4 treatments 4-6 weeks apart. PRP therapy can usually begin soon after your initial consultation, with subsequent treatments spaced about six weeks apart. Six months after your first treatment, Dr. Thareja will assess your progress to see if you require further treatments.
Who is PRP recommended for?
PRP is considered safe for most people. Research has found similar results for both men and women. PRP is not recommended, however, for individuals with any of the below medical conditions: hepatitis C, HIV or AIDS, blood cancer, cardiovascular disease which requires taking a blood thinner, skin cancer in the area to be treated).

William Joyner

Chef – Humbled Ones Cooking

Hello I am William Joyner and I am chef and co-owner of a Humble Ones Cooking and Catering. I have over 23 years in The Culinary field. With years of training under Chef Jones from Johnson & Wales culinary institute. I provide a healthy way of eating, by using all-natural ingredients with no hormones. Cooking is my passion. I love to create dishes that everyone will enjoy. Great and healthy foods ensure wellness and longevity in a person’s

Ivy Harris

Organic Wine Provider

As the owner of my own Naked Truth Organic Wines, LLC, which has been a lifestyle I have adapted to the last 7 years of my life understanding that health is wealth.

Faxwine has long been associated with various benefits to your health when consumed in moderation. With organic wine it is a health conscious choice for wine drinkers vs your everyday conventional supermarket wine. Knowing what is in what you eat and drink plays a vital role in longevity.
Ivy L. Walker, CPC, ICD10-CM CT

Bill Lavender


At Credit Restoration Services, our mission is to revitalize the economy by assisting you, the consumer, in getting rid of your poor credit rating… Our focus is on helping you to obtain good credit and higher sores. Our prices are among the most affordable in the nation. We work on a flat fee basis, which will provide long-term savings.
Bill Lavender has over 30 years in the financial and credit services businesses. HIS focus is much like a doctor’s accurate diagnosis of the entire credit profile with a specific treatment plan for each individual. Not a cookie cutter or one time fits all for everybody. We do not send out a lot of disputes to credit bureaus and hope something sticks! We don’t throw a lot of things against the wall and hope something sticks. We take care to know what works best for you!! Lavender understands the credit score formulas advantages over the competition because knowledge is power. No when the components of the formulas aid us in helping you raise your scores.
Credit Restoration Services
710 Oakfield Dr
Brandon, FL 33511
Fax (813) 645-8203

Rachel Seligman
Devine Renewal

Massage Therapist

To provide healing and wellness through massage and myofascial bodywork.

My mission is to help others heal with not just their body, but their mind, spirit, emotions and practical life changes for a deep, true and lasting experience.

Ariel Amir


Ariel Amir is a Tampa Bay area makeup artist and photographer. She has been a makeup artist for a little over four years, and a photographer for a little over five years. While she loves doing both, photography has always been her greatest passion.

She specializes in branding and couples sessions in the Tampa Florida area and beyond. Ariel is known for capturing raw emotion in any setting through her images with a bold and vibrant look. She has served as a makeup artist for weddings, events and just a day or night out on the town. Ariel has served as a wedding photographer, as well as, in a variety of arena’s. She strives to uplift the community through sharing her career and passion with others, as she continues to remain excited to add her creative twist!

Kai’s Davis


Our mission is to gain as much experience that we can in the field of creating videos as we are creating and providing excellent work for others.

As a young gifted and experienced videographer, Kai has been leaving so many excited about his work. As a Owner and operator, Kai started his videography business in Florida during the year 2019 and started off doing small projects while making videos with his girlfriend Kayla through YouTube.

After he started gaining a little more experience and exposure, he started experimenting on bigger projects such as filming a small concert. He then completed a recording, as well as, a music video for a client which was wonderfully done. He has been actively sharing his talents by doing videos and creating for the past 2 years and while this is just the beginning, he now realize that there is plenty of room for growth!

Pastor Foluso Odumosu-

Teacher, Preacher and Counselor

The founder and senior pastor of Christian Bay Ministries, Pennsylvania. He is a preacher, teacher, and counselor, he rose from a humble beginning to becoming an international speaker. Having grown up in a dysfunctional family, he did not allow that to deter him from pursuing the purpose of God for his life. Rather, he became resilient and determined to succeed.

His early childhood struggles created in him a thirst and hunger to seek after God for refuge. It was clear to him that without God, he could drown in the struggle. His quest to seek God connected him with the spirit of faith which opened him up to the world of possibilities.

This made him have a positive outlook on life, see opportunities in difficulties, and use every stumbling block on his path as a stepping stone. He believes that life should be lived to the fullest with joy and gratitude, and every child of God deserves to maximize their full potential.

With over 18 years of spreading the word of God, stemming from South Africa and reaching the United States with the mandate of God to “Give The Right Word, to the Right People at the Right Time”. He has since then been teaching and preaching faith-based messages, centered on hope and encouragement to various people from different socioeconomic backgrounds, nationalities, and races.

Inculcating into his message the knowledge and the experience of how he overcomes life’s difficulties and challenges to help others overcome whatever life throws at them. His mission is to help open you up to the world of possibilities and inner tranquility.

Proverb 11:14 (KJV)
Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

Mary Wu - Nutritionist

OnWhats App
Ontario, Canada 

Mary Wu, is a registered nutritionist and weight management coach who graduated from the Canadian Academy of Sport Nutrition and Canadian Academy of Natural Health. She is a registered member in good standing at the Canadian Consilium of Natural Health.

​Mary has living experience of how nutrition has helped her and her family heal. Mary and her husband had chronic health issues and were on medication. Her son has autism. Through her knowledge in nutrition she has been able to heal herself and her husband, and successfully get off medication. She has been able to help her son with his meltdowns, digestive issues, anxiety, and memory issues by implementing nutrition in his life.

Mary has a foundational and holistic approach to nutrition. She believes that by addressing the root cause of illness she can help her clients improve their overall quality of life. She is passionate about educating her clients on how to lead a healthier life. She is working in the Autism community to help children with special needs improve their quality of life. Her motto is "prevention is better than a cure".

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Earle Bannister

Clothing Designer

Earle Bannister is a Self taught designer and tailor.  He started out at Morgan State University in the Engineering department as a teenager.  He realized that he wasn’t a good fit after working in the program for  years.  He then travelled the US with his collections showing them at colleges, women’s club functions, hair shows, and fashion shows.  Currently he is operating a tailor shop at the QG in downtown  Baltimore.
Donna has captivated many individuals over the years as a Speaker | Inner Healing Coach | Facilitator. Her healing gifts and lessons of how to live a holistic life of vitality have been positively received and implemented by many clients over the years.
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