Corporate Wellness

Are you a service provider or entrepreneur that is seeking methods and techniques to cultivate stress management and anxiety while improving your overall health and wellness calls?
Are you a leader of or representative of a corporation that is looking to provide your employees with a low cost and results driven solution, that will contribute to increase productivity, work life balance and reduce healthcare costs?
Are you a leader or representative of an organization that is looking to provide your members with a low cost and results driven solution that will contribute to create and healthier and joyful and inspiring life styles?
Wellness in the workplace is vital to keeping your company running efficiently and effectively—and I don’t mean wellness solely of the body. It is also important for your staff to be healthy in all regards of their life to ensure they are productive in the workplace and happy in their position within your organization.
For decades, workplace stress in America has cost over $300 billion. Its unwelcome impact has created a downward spiral in areas such as job and employee turnover, absenteeism, high medical, legal, and insurance cost.
Workplace tension has become the leading driver in the decline of employee productivity and performance.
Today’s business climate is calling leaders to make initiate changes. Experiment with ideas that will not only build a stronger workplace culture but improve the overall competitive advantage of the organization.
Lunch and Learns
1-Hour Well-Shops
Full-Day Seminars
Yoga After-Hours
Company Vitality Sessions
Meditation Sessions
Half-Day Seminars
Yoga & Lunch
Company/Employee Challenges
Health & Nutrition Assessments
Wellness Program Development
Catering, Kitchen, & Vending Makeovers
Keynote Address

Bring Corporate Wellness To Your Office

Creating and promoting a WELL environment in your workplace can be done, and I can help you make it happen!
Donna has captivated many individuals over the years as a Speaker | Inner Healing Coach | Facilitator. Her healing gifts and lessons of how to live a holistic life of vitality have been positively received and implemented by many clients over the years.
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