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Are you ready
to live a WHOLE Life?

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Do you experience a lack of self-love or self-worth?
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Are you looking for balance in your life and schedule?
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Do you lack the energy to get through the day?
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Is it a recurring theme to be late on projects or not
complete goals?
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Are you tired of your negative self-talk?
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Do you want something more in life?
If you said YES to any of these questions, you are in the right place for solutions designed to help you live a life you love. As a Whole-listic coach and practitioner, I want you to understand your true health and happiness by living a holistic life.

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I am a dynamic Wholistic Health Coach with the goal of inspiring women and men to bridge the gap between issues—of body, mind, and spirit.

Using my sports medicine background and massage therapy experience, I work to ensure my clients are achieving their absolute best emotional, mental, and physical condition. The goal is to take back vitality and health!


My signature system allows both women and men to begin a cleansing process of their entire temple by following a simple process. First, by refreshing what God has already instilled in them; second, learning how to face and cope with daily obstacles and challenges; and third, learning how to create daily disciplined habits to take action to increase their health and vitality.

30 min Wholelistic Wellness

30 min The Wholelistic Wellness Consultation
This 30 minute session you will leave obtaining clarity on your future coaching journey and see which Vitality Coaching Program is the best fit for you. This is a introductory session establish an acquaintance for partnership and is also used to obtain your goals.


90 min Assessment
Learn about the barriers and roadblocks that have kept you from successfully achieving your goals.

In this information session through a series of deeper questions, you will identify the areas of opportunity that limit you from obtaining a stronger faith, resilient mind and obtaining a optimal body.
Paid Session



15% Early Bird Special!
An online self-directed program for those seeking to explore and begin a journey to healing.

You will receive:
A taste of Vitality an introduction to ……..

Independently explore a pathway to your goals

4 weeks of online tool for guidance for maximum clarity through a self-directed system

Check-ins via email

15% Early Bird Savings
(Schedule your consultation today)
(Schedule your consultation today)

Vitality Intensive Session

Hands-on support to identify underlying concerns to improve your faith, your mind and your body through intensive sessions with Donna Sharpe.

You will receive:
Supported intensive exploration sessions

Live weekly coaching via individual Zoom

Additional Supplemental Scheduled Sessions with Donna

Post Session recording

Spiritual Mind Development Session

Exercise, meal planning, and wellness planning

Mindfulness Guidance Session
Request a Complimentary Session.
Request Complimentary Session

Transformational Coaching
Gaining the Power of Vitality

My signature system allows both women and men to begin a cleansing process of their entire temple by following a simple process. First, by refreshing what God has already instilled in them; second, learning how to face and cope with daily obstacles and challenges; and third, learning how to create daily disciplined habits to take action to increase their health and vitality.




Vitality Session


Vitality Session



Exploration Membership





Coaching Journey


Coaching Journey


Become A Vitality Member


Your connection to the vitality community.
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A space for encouragement and open dialogue with an authentic community while receiving feedback which will assist you in your growth.
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Unlimited training library, worksheets, and course materials.
[Spirit, mind, physical, and nutritional training]
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Join VIP Live Chats with Donna and the Vitality Team of experts for additional insights, information and more!
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Coaching and training on becoming a successful person in your area of expertise.
Become a Vitality Enrichment Member

The Power of Vitality
Client Testimonials

  • Easy to follow perspectives on life, health, and wellness. Thanks!
    -Elbert Jefferson Jr
  • Donna Sharpe is a delight! The massages she gives me absolutely give healing and wholeness to my body and I’m not only thankful for her services, but love referring to her! She is the very best!!! She gets into my weak spots and totally works them out. I’ve never had anyone this good before Donna. 5 stars!!!
    -Janelle Duncan
  • Donna’s services can’t be matched anywhere. On many occasions she has been there to help with tensions, muscle aches and other musculoskeletal injuries. I am an athlete, and from time to time injuries happen. Because of her skills my downtime has been drastically minimized.
    -Karl Beasley
  • I had severe pain in my left shoulder and upper back. It was so bad I could hardly tolerate it. My ability to work and focus was impaired. I went to a medical doctor who just wanted to give me pain killers which would not be acceptable. I went to a chiropractor who put me through manipulations and physical therapy. It got worse. I went to Donna who gave me two treatments in a week. I was completely cured and well. She is phenomenal.
    -Bill Lavender
  • I love getting massages from Donna Sharpe! She has exceptional ability to really sense where the problems areas are and work them out. She has very strong hands and knows how to balance intensity with relaxation! I would definitely highly recommend a session with her. You will not be sorry!
    -Rachel Portnoy
  • I previously had massages in my local area and the massages were not tailored to my specific needs. The drive to Brandon, Florida is well worth the treatment that is tailored to my specific needs and I have such a significant reduction of pain in my back and hip. Whenever I hear someone complain of pain, I immediately think of Donna Sharpe and I am quick to provide her contact information so they too can experience a life-changing treatment to enhance their lifestyle. Donna, I can’t thank you enough for your healing hands and always look forward to coming to my regularly scheduled appointments.
    -Naedine Hall
  • As you know, I have been getting massages most of my life. When I was referred to you about 10 years ago (how time flies), I knew I had found someone very special, and highly skilled. Your knowledge of the body, interaction of muscle groups and connective tissue, helps make you one of the best masseuses on the planet. Your ability to diagnose problems, and/or react to known issues is amazing. As a weekend warrior around the house, you have helped me through many injuries. Whether it’s lower back strain, those infamous knots in my traps that you continually untie, a strained knee that makes me hobble, or that awful locked up jaw muscle that radiated pain to upper body areas I didn’t think possible, you worked your magic and made me feel not only better, but my best! Your deep tissue massage from head to toe is exactly what I need to continue living a very active lifestyle. I look forward to every one of our sessions and highly recommend you to those looking for a therapeutic massage that is unmatched. 6 stars out of 5!!
    -Loyal Client of 10 + years
  • Ms. Donna has provided me with amazing service and keeping me healthy and mobile. I rate her service an excellent 5-star rating!
    -Ed from Brandon
  • I have always gotten excellent service at Complete Essence. Donna is a very professional, highly skilled, and extremely knowledgeable massage therapist. She has been my therapist for quite a while and whenever I leave a session I feel so much better. I give her MT services 5 stars! Thank you!
  • Donna Sharpe has healing hands is an exceptional MT provider. I am a person who works out four to six days a week, so her massages do wonders for me. On a scale of 1 to 5 she scores 5 stars! Donna is a professional in every way and her knowledge in health and wellness is outstanding. She improves your physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.
  • I live in South Tampa and have several choices of massage salons to choose from. However, I choose to drive to Brandon because there is no better massage or facial than the ones given by Donna Sharpe. Her experience and knowledge are only surpassed by her intuitive nature. When given my symptoms, she always finds a cure!
    -Fred Farias
  • Donna is a lovely lady, and I am privileged to go to her for Massages. She has also given me some chair yoga exercises to help me to fight the ails of my advancing age.
    -Michele Noreiga
  • I never attribute any technique that I believe it is supernatural to human nature, but I must pause and say, that Donna’s results produce the desired effect that one could attribute to something close to the miraculous. Absolutely phenomenal!
    -Loyal Client
  • Florida Delight! I visit family here in Florida several times a year and always try to see Donna at least once each trip. Whether it’s for a massage…(at home or at her place), or facial, I always leave feeling much better! Donna is intuitive and uses her training in different healing modalities to customize my treatments for maximum benefit, pain relief, and enjoyment. Thank you, Donna, for being such a help to my family and myself!
    -Loyal Client Out of State
  • Donna is truly a gifted MT, listener, and transformational coach who understands the human body and how to heal the body from the inside out. She’s more than a massage therapist, she is a health transformational coach who can help the physical healing process using massage techniques, but she also helps clients heal spiritually and emotionally, too. I highly recommend her vitality health and coaching services!
    -Tampa Client
  • Donna is very professional and I have always felt comfortable with her massage services which are tailored to what my needs are during my session. Massages are beneficial and a necessity which helps me relax, relieve stress and anxiety. I make sure massage days are a part of my self-care routine and wouldn’t have it any other way. 
    -Naedine Hall
  • Donna is great and so is her massages. She’s attentive and makes sure to ask all the right questions to ensure she’s giving you exactly what you need. For me she always takes the pain away and takes my headaches away when I’m having migraines. She’s a must try and a go too for all you pain needs 
  • Donna is a passionate person who puts her heart and soul into everything that she does. Whatever service you might be receiving from her will be without a doubt the best you have experienced anywhere. Her massages are thought out for your specific need that day, delivering the pressure and techniques that will have you free of pain and leaving a different person than when you came in.  Her ability to pass on the desire to take  care of yourself is a gift she possesses to inspire you to be a better person in every aspect of your life, and practically achieve what you set out to do. 
    -Rachel Seligman
  • Donna has helped my constant back pain.   I will get total relief for weeks after a session 
    -Susan Rochford
  • Donna is the best. Her vast experience, and her knowledge of holistic medicine creates an environment of healing. The last time I went to her was for extreme pain in my neck and shoulder. I had already gone to my primary physician, and a chiropractor. They treated me with no effective results. Donna knew exactly what to do. When she was finished, my pain was gone and never recurred.
    -Bill Lavender
  • My body was very sore and Donna with her special hands took all that away.  I feel brand new . Thanks to her 
    -Julio’s Wife
  • Great hands and energy thanks for making my muscles happy again .
  • Donna is the best Masseuse in Florida. She's highly educated in her field and has also written a book. She has made my life better every time I pay her a visit..
  • The essence of excellence is what an individual experiences when you’re in the hands of Donna
    -Pastor Shine
  • Great massage! Her hands are a gift from God. 
    -Karen Gorden
  • Knowledgeable in all facets mind, body and spirit. If you have the will and determination Ms Donna can coach you to become your best you. 
    -MR. Harvey
  • Donna is an amazing massage therapist and even a more amazing person. Blessed to be one of her clients. I leave there feeling better physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Five stars from me!
  • All around great!!!!!
  • Donna provides a fantastic deep tissue massage.  I always feel wonderful when she has finished.  Also gives great advice for stretching exercises and nutrition. 
  • I can always count on Donna to make me feel better.  Whether it be a relaxing, deep tissue, or a therapeutic massage, Donna knows exactly how to take care of you.  She is well trained and very knowledgeable.  She takes a sincere interest in her clients.  I highly recommend Donna.  She is skilled in everything that she does.
  • I truly give Donna a five star rating because of her professionalism. Her personality is easily received. I’m a Racquetball player. I went to Donna with muscle-tightened legs and back and her massage was right on point. My legs and back were relieved. Thanks Donna
  • I have been a client of Wholistic Wellness formerly known as Complete Essence, for years. 
    I have had the privilege of getting most, if not all the services provided by founder/owner Donna Sharpe and by far my favorite has always been massage therapy… because of the unique approach Donna has always had towards health and wellness. I can always look forward to a complete total body workout after getting a good massage with Donna.
  • It definitely has been a while but memory serves me well I would say it was a 5 star, very relaxing and soothing 
  • If I could give 6 stars I would since my experiences with Donna have always been absolutely stellar! There's no shortage of power when needed for wringing out knots and kinks and at the same time it's so comfortable and relaxing to feel the pain just melt away. The ambiance is especially lulling and gives a great vibe. She also knows how to give a great conversation (if desired) while not skipping a beat from the action. 10/10 recommend her! absolutely worth it.
  • You're really good with your hands and I love getting massages!
  • Donna did an amazing job on my massage. She hit pressure points and got some knots out of my neck. She even helped me to learn to relax during my massage because I suffer from anxiety. My family came down for vacation and everyone of them got massages and thanked me for recommending her. They all loved her and her services. She has great customer service. I would highly recommend her to everyone. 
  • Donna sharp on a scale of 1-5 is a 6, I have never been to anyone, including a doctor , that can make pain disappear in one visit like Donna can. She is professional, courteous, knowledgeable, kind and honest. She knows what she is talking about when it comes to Holistic matters. I am so glad I got to know her. No better massage in the city of Tampa. 
  • I met Donna years ago and I am so thankful to have her in my life!  Not only is she an amazing massage therapist, but also a wonderful person to talk to for advice, support and motivation!  
Donna has captivated many individuals over the years as a Speaker | Inner Healing Coach | Facilitator. Her healing gifts and lessons of how to live a holistic life of vitality have been positively received and implemented by many clients over the years.
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